Upholding the highest degree of dental care

At Albany Dental Centre we feel strongly about being an Independent Dental Practice and not a “preferred provider” practice. Albany Dental Centre sees patients from ALL health funds. For your convenience, you can claim your health fund rebate at on-the-spot using our convenient HICAPS system.

Why Independent NOT 'Preferred Provider'?

Simply, the best treatment decisions are made through consultation between patient and dentist, and without influence from a health fund.

How do “Preferred Providers” work? Well they are NOT preferred because of their dental ability but because they make a financial agreement with the health fund.  It is our view that health funds are not concerned with the quality of treatment, only concerned with securing shareholder profits through an increased number of patients. 

It is important to be comfortable with your dentist.  We believe you should see the dentist YOU PREFER to see. You should feel confident being treated by them and knowing that they are recommending the best treatment for you. 

For more information on the total care you receive by choosing an Independent Dental Practice:

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