General Dentistry


A scale and polish is a relatively simple procedure, part of any general appointment. We remove the scale and plaque build-up from around your teeth and gums to maintain healthy oral hygiene. This is critical in preventing cavities and other such conditions as Gingivitis.


Long gone are the days of gold or silver fillings, here a Albany Dental Centre, we offer the latest tooth filling solutions, from white ceramic inlays using our high tech CEREC CAD system to white Ceramic Inlays.

Dental Instruments


Crowns are a dentistry procedure that is required when major decay threatens the structural integrity of a tooth. A cap made of porcelain or metal is placed over a tooth or dental implant to improve the strength and appearance of the tooth. 
Whereas, a bridge is used when a tooth is missing, by connecting a porcelain or metal tooth to the adjoining teeth.


If the pulp inside the tooth becomes infected or damaged, a root canal is the final chance to save the tooth from extraction.

First, we start by creating an opening in the tooth, through the crown to access the diseased pulp at the centre of the tooth. The pulp is removed from the tooth, and the root of the tooth is cleaned, and enlarged using a series of thin files. This removes all tissue, preventing the chance of infection, and giving a strong foundation for the filling.

The tooth is then medicated, and then the root canals are filled. Once this has been completed, the tooth is filled with a temporary packing material, and once the procedure has been deemed successful, a new crown made of porcelain will be fitted over the tooth to seal it.

Soft Tissue Lasers